Persona and personae: Which Bowie are you?

“Didn’t know what time it was, the lights were low-oh-oh
I leaned back on my radio-oh-oh
To find out which Bow-ie-ie… I was…”

Originally published on Mirror Online

It’s here, the handy intergalactic flowchart to find out which Bowie persona you really are!

Click on the infographic to view the original article and find out your resounding Bowie characteristics below!

Which David Bowie are you?

Which Bowie Are You? - Mirror Online

So, which Bowie did you end up as and what does it all mean? Here’s a handy guide…

2000s Bowie (As heard on ‘Heathen’ and’ Reality’)

“All things must pass”

Hung-over from the eclectic drum n’ bass days, you’re the older, reflective Bowie; contemplating his life work, acknowledging the past but still wonderfully “struggling for Reality!” Often ripping into classic covers of bands you inspired, no wonder you’re prone to smile on camera a bit more than you used to.

Aladdin Sane (As heard on ‘Aladdin Sane’)


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A Selection of Great Underrated David Bowie Tracks


If you hadn’t guessed by now, we really do rather like David Bowie, and we’ve been on something of a Bowie binge in the lead-up to the release of The Next Day. In the process, we’ve ended up revisiting some material that we haven’t heard in quite some time — with such an extensive back catalog, it’s inevitable that some songs and records get neglected, so it’s been a pleasure to listen again to some of the more oft-forgotten corners of Bowie’s discography. We thought we’d share some of our favorites — do let us know what yours are! (And yes, we even revisited Tin Machine. Pray for us.)

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I’ve been a bad person…

So on Saturday night I did some things that I’m ashamed of, not because of the degenerate nature of them but because I fear that I may have hurt people, not unwittingly, but because of my drunken, selfish state. I can’t explain why I did this, nor what the details are because of the incriminating nature of such things but I don’t know why I feel that it is alright to mess with people’s feelings in such a callous manner. I really feel guilty about the hurt that I may have caused with my foolish words and actions – I have no excuse except for the fact that I was drunk and inescapably horny. It’s not a good place to be in but I feel like I’ve caused a whole lot of trouble that shouldn’t have been caused in the name of my own amusement, fleeting as that may be. I also see why people drift away from me eventually – I cross too many lines, break too many barriers. At heart I know that I am a selfish bitch, I can’t commit to anything except for myself and what I want. I don’t blame people for not wanting to stay with me, I just wish I knew how to do things differently.

I can’t sing

But I do it anyway. That’s what the theme of my life is fast becoming – I have no talent for art, having taught myself to draw at the age of 12, sketching furiously from then on until I was 18. I finished school, started working and tried to fit in and be “normal”. This seems to have been a colossal failure, because since all my peers are getting married and establishing families, I seem to have found myself right back where I started from which is drawing by myself on a Friday night. A key point that I have missed out is why I started drawing again, despite my dearth of natural talent and that reason is that I fell so hard for an imaginary person that I had to try and capture his face through graphite medium and in any other manner possible. I have no idea why, I might be going through a mid-life crisis of some sort, even though I’m rather young for that. All I can say is that Bowie changed my life, he made me realise that I could never be like the suburban drones around me – that what I wanted out of life is something more than that. He made me connect with the person that I was before everything changed, before I was taught to reject everything that I loved as unholy, before I lost myself in the holy flame that reduces individuality to cinders. Now I am rudderless, a ship adrift upon a sea of misunderstanding. Who am I, who is the real me, who is this person that has been living my life up to now? I have no idea, I’m trying to find out through mediums of expression that are open to me – perhaps I’m going through an experience akin to Jung’s where he reached transcendental states via the process of being alone for too long.

Let’s outline my life so far, having been a precocious, intellectually aware teenager that was in love with music, art and everything that smacked of sub-culture, I spent the last year of school trying to be a conventional person, as I had finally tricked someone into dating me and I had no idea what I wanted out of life. I escaped into the rave culture of the late 90s, discovered that sex was one of life’s chief pleasures and was well on my way to joining the ranks of “normal” people – having decided that I would do almost anything to have people accept me, I began to have the sense of having my soul eroded. I took my first job then, fresh out of school and having money for the first time in my life was an overwhelming experience, so I began to buy into the myth that materialism was the way to go and began a lifelong addiction to acquiring things. At this point I decided that my life needed meaning and substance, so I began to be interested in religion because this is the logical choice for people who want to find some sort of spirituality in day to day existence. It is not a good idea for someone who is prone to losing themselves on a daily basis – I began to fall in love with the concept of being an Orthodox Jew, despite the objections of my family who never really got basically anything I was on about. The religion offered a place for me, a solace, a sense of belonging but it was all illusory. I was committed for 10 years to this institution of morality and uprightness – I tried my hardest to fit into the mold that they prescribed for me as a female but there was always something that wasn’t quite right about it. Everything became smaller, restrictions piled upon restrictions, and I was so sincere about wanting to be the perfect person that I put so much pressure on myself that I was bound to fail. I’ve never been a moderate person, and religion brought out those OCD tendencies by the dozen – soon I was trying to block almost everything out that wasn’t religiously related, ergo everything I had ever been attracted to since I could remember.

Then the real storm came when I fell in love, I think that people with borderline OCD shouldn’t ever fall in love but nonetheless, it happens. I was madly obsessed with this person from my community, he embodied absolutely every one of my ideals and I was convinced that this was the reason that fate had led me to religion. So I pursued him, and we had sex a few times, and he played with my emotions of the duration of a year and decided that out liaison wasn’t congruent with his life path and decided to move on. I said that I had, but for 4 long years my every waking and sleeping moment was filled with thoughts of him and how we were fated to spend the rest of our lives together in a happy families kind of manner. Except for the fact that he wouldn’t even look me in the eye, or speak to me – I stayed away, hoping that the force of my will would gravitate him towards me, but sadly I pined. I got an addiction which I’m still aiming to shake off at the moment, which reached the level that I had heart palpitations that sent me in panic to the emergency room a couple of times, landed me in hospital for observation and a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder which led to me being prescribed Xanax which led to a horrific benzo withdrawal that lasted a year and which I am still feeling the effects of. He got married and is now a father, I tried to get a view on his life by befriending his spouse but I honestly don’t care anymore. He’s a part of my past, the past that threatens to overwhelm me every time I try to do anything.

So in short, I stopped being religious, which is a real eye-opener in terms of the fact that I have absolutely nothing to anchor me in life, reality is a crutch for people who can’t handle drugs, I wager and I am trying very hard to figure out why I have been placed on this crazy planet.

Sordid details following, energy permitting…

G e r r y L e o n a r d

You can listen to all of David Bowie’s hotly anticipated comeback album for free at the iTunes store

David Bowie in his music video for Where Are We Now?

David Bowie in his music video for Where Are We Now?

Anyone wanting to hear the new David Bowie can do just that. The singer has placed all 53 minutes of The Next Day, his first album in a decade, on iTunes‘ streaming service.

Despite a slew of favourable reviews, until now fans have only been able to hear Bowie’s two comeback singles, Where Are We Now? and The Stars (Are Out Tonight). In general, the album follows the template set by the latter song – more often upbeat and rocking rather than somber and contemplative.

In his Guardian review of The Next Day, Alexis Petridis noted that several songs contained nods to the singer’s past, particularly the 1979 album Lodger: “The dense web of screaming feedback that ends…

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Independent Ethos

thenextdaySo I received the email early last night from David Bowie’s management, regarding his new album the Next Day: “You’ll be receiving the David Bowie album stream sometime this evening.”

Little did I know everyone else would too.

You can stream the full 14-track album now. You’ll have to have iTunes installed on your computer, however. Read the news and see the link to the stream here (that’s a hotlink). The live stream will remain available on iTunes until the album’s official release (in the U.S. that’s March 12 [Support Independent Ethos, purchase on Amazon]; the vinyl sees release March 26).

That surprising stream for all meant I had to hustle to write up a review so my voice as a longtime Bowie fan is not left out of the mix among other critics. I promised the piece to the “Miami New Times.” After four listens…

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Absolute beginners, wishful beginnings and other cliches…

So as the obligatory first post I would just like to express that the opinions on my blog are all me own. I’m looking for a space to express my thoughts clearly and without fear of restraint. I have spent so much of my life hiding my true self, that I actually have no idea what the image of authenticity resembles. So many thoughts and opinions have remained unexpressed, maybe it is better that way. The world that exists inside my head bears no resemblance to anything that exists in reality – it is a composite of images that I have discovered through art, music and popular culture. I want the world in my head to come to life, as opposed to building glamorous castles in the air that nobody can view except for me. I have no idea where I am going, I have just moved cities in an effort to break away from all the baggage that I have created in my life and the cloying death lock of suburban respectability. I feel no connection with the people that I left behind – their ideals are not my ideals – they have fallen so hard for the middle class white picket fence scene that I feel like a stranger in a strange land. Bear with me as I find my way…